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.communities Installation Guide

Each .communities release will be tailored for a number of scenarios, from a pre-built release that can be used with Visual Web Developer Express or uploaded direct to an ISP, up to a complete source code release that can be used by developers to extend the core framework. Pre-built releases will also be signed with a private key so that assemblies can be differentiated from custom builds.

Source Code Installation (Pre-release setup)

To install .communities on your local machine, you will first need to compile the assemblies included in the source code. Once this task has been completed, .communities will be ready to use. The latest change set can be found under the Source Code tab above, click the download button and accept the license agreement to download the code to your local machine.

To compile and run .communities you will first need to install the following applications:
  • Microsoft.NET Framework version 2.0 (or greater)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express (or greater)
  • Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.0
  • Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 1.0

Database Setup
A configured database is included with the source code (Web/App_Data/DotCommunities.mdf), this database is ideal for local testing and development, however Microsoft recommends that you should use a database server for a production environment. To recreate the database on a server instance you will need to run the following scripts in the order below:
  1. To install the Membership database (Database/Membership Scripts):
    1. InstallCommon.sql
    2. InstallMembership.sql
    3. InstallPersonalization.sql
    4. InstallProfile.SQL
    5. InstallRoles.sql
  1. To install the .communities database (Database/Create Scripts):
    1. 1_DotCommunities_Schema.sql
    2. 2_DotCommunities_Views.sql
    3. 3_DotCommunities_Functions.sql
    4. 4_DotCommunities_Procedures.sql
    5. 5_DotCommunities_Data.sql
  1. To install a default community (Database/Create Scripts):
    1. Test_DotCommunities_Data.sql

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