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.communities Screen Shots

Web Parts Integration

Web parts allow the website editor to design section pages by moving parts of the content around. Web parts are split into Zones created with Layout templates (found in the Web/Communities/Common/Layouts directory). Developers can also create custom web parts by adding a Web Part template to the Web/Communities/Common/WebParts directory.

AJAX Enabled Controls

Both the Administration site as well as the main pages have the ability to support AJAX enabled controls. These controls work seamlessly with Web Parts and allow for Partial Page Rendering, eliminating the need to refresh the page each time a control is selected.

Content Listings

The design of .communities allows for any type of content to be created with a generic set of functions for sorting and searching, as well as collaborative features such as ratings and comments. Each module inherits these features in a standard design model to allow developers to create modules without the need to call these methods implicitly.

Administration Pages

The administration pages of the site allow the community administrator to configure the site settings, add new sections/content and view reports on the current state of the community site. The administration pages are AJAX enabled and are configured so that developers can easily insert their own administration modules if required.

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