by Project Collectio...
Oct 1, 2012
10:10 PM

Upgrade: New Version of LabDefaultTemplate.xaml. To upgrade your build definitions, please visit the following link:

by Project Collectio...
Oct 1, 2012
10:06 PM

Checked in by server upgrade

by CSharpEd
Jun 14, 2007
11:50 PM

Work Item: 1878
Updated project references to the latest version of Enterprise Library (Version 3.1) and added the latest release of the AJAX Control Toolkit (Version 10606). Project references are relative to the source directory (C:\Source\DotCommunities) and link to Enterprise Library via the default installation path (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.1 - May 2007).

by CSharpEd
May 23, 2007
11:54 PM

Work Items: 5 & 68
Added e-mail notifications and the "has read" icons. Notification messages can now be edited in the administration section and e-mails can be written in HTML (still need to add multi-language functionality and users e-mail/language options). Also started on the advanced statistics, adding a statistics module to log visitors page views (the log still requires conversion to statistical data using the site statistics task). Users can now be edited in the administration menu too.

by CSharpEd
May 7, 2007
8:10 AM

Work Items: 5 & 96
Added the ability to add and edit articles and comments (finally!). Updated the caching mechanism to cache to either the web context cache or the Enterprise Library cache. Displayed dates for the content now display the time as well. Also fixed some more bugs...

by CSharpEd
May 5, 2007
6:07 AM

Work Items: 5 & 66
Updated the database install scripts removing all errors - a pre-installed database (DotCommunities.mdf) is now included in the App_Data folder of the website. Code and controls for Categories have been added as well as the code for random quotes and system sections. There are also three new web parts that can be added to a section page - new content, popular content and quotiki quotes.

by CSharpEd
Apr 20, 2007
11:01 AM

Work Item: 5
Re-branded CASK text, links and graphics to .communities. Also added exception handling and logging functionality.

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